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30 Secrets for a Wealthy Life. 


This book is an account of my personal experiences and insights in my own mind. For years, I have been exploring deep bottoms in my mind, searching for the ways to have more love, happiness and better relationships in my life. This is the ultimate result of my searching for years.

As I believe, man has the potential to make his life either heaven or hell. The destiny of a man is in his own hands, not elsewhere. The destiny is what a man crafts for himself. Nothing more. He has the potential to make his destiny whatever he needs. As I have seen for years, all of us are able to change our entire life and make it better with simple positive changes in every day life.

Finally, all of us are here, in this world, to gain more love, happiness and better relationships in our life aren’t we? Right here, with this ultimate guide, you will indeed have more love, happiness and better relationships in your life. You will feel more successful and accomplished. Simply, you will transform your life with this ultimate guide.

After reading this, you will change the way you think, the way you see the world and the way you understand happenings to you. Certainly, you will become more mature and understanding. You will lead a happy life.

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Achieve Your Biggest Goals with 7 Simple Steps!


Life, itself is a wonderful journey. All of us are here, on this planet to attain something higher for ourselves. Every single one of us wishes for success, more money, better relationships, more love, a good health and a happy family life. Some just wish for everything but, simply, don’t act to get their wishes. They are the ones without life goals at all. They just don’t realize that wishing yields nothing without actions required.

Yet, some are different. They wish for. Also, they set life goals and take necessary actions to attain them. They have an ultimate purpose in life. They know what they are here for. A man with life goals, lives for a higher reason, and indeed achieves the reason, since it is his entire life. All of us should be there, with them, men with ultimate life goals.

Today, make a difference in the way you live. Have an ultimate purpose in your life. Devote for it. Live for a reason.

Be a man with an ultimate purpose in life. You will feel happy and satisfied about the way you lived when you look back, several years later. With these 7 goal setting steps, you will achieve more and you will have amazing outcomes. Indeed, you will love your life journey.

Happy sailing in the waters of life,

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For the Seekers of True Happiness in Life!


Dearest friend, This is my ultimate guide to be happy and focused.

This happened 10 years ago. I still remember the day I decided to change the way I lived. It was the day that I began to craft my destiny. It was the day that my broken life changed. There are good times and bad times in life. But, I strongly believe that everything happens for a great reason that should be unveiled by us. Life is not evil or cruel to treat you bad or bring you down. Nature can be dangerous and challenging. Yet, truly not evil. In failures, life simply gives you chances to learn and grow better. That is all. I believe that real learning in life comes with experiences and failures. The man, who has lost, knows the value of winning more than anyone else.

I’m from a small country in Asia. Sometimes, you have heard of my country. It is Sri Lanka, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. From the very beginning of our civilization, our country was a Buddhist Kingdom. We say this is the land of the Buddha. All of my ancestors were native Buddhist men. So am I. in Buddhism, we are taught the ways of living better as real humans. It teaches us about the true happiness in life. In my childhood, I was so eager to learn and grow with our learnings. Yet, as I think, the self-realization is the best way of learning. There, my term came for that.

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