Show Them Your Dreams.

“Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.”

One day, I saw a great quote, while on Twitter. That is just true. People just don’t get words. They only get lifestyles. If they see how well you live, they believe you. But, for me, it doesn’t really matter. How others see them doesn’t really matter to real wealthy men.

I have dreamed for years. Some of them have already been achieved. Some are still to be attained. When you tell people your dreams they sometimes ridicule you or laugh at you. I have seen and experienced that. I really know how it feels when others ridicule our dreams. It truly makes me disappointed of them, not of my dreams. So, never tell your dreams to people who don’t understand you. They don’t have anything to do with your dreams, if they don’t even believe in you and your capabilities. If you really want to share your dreams, share them with someone, who trusts you. It can be your wife, husband, mother, sister, brother or someone else. In there, blood relation is not important. He or she just got to trust you and loyal to you.

Remember friend, when you have made your empire, live a luxury life. That is never wrong or guilty. But, keep your policies, ethics and morals in heart. Have a right conduct. Keep your great behavior. Don’t become addictive to physical luxuries. Someday, we all have to leave them. Use luxury. Have stunning cars. Own your castle in Caribbean. Own a luxury jet too. Lead a legendary lifestyle. Yet, don’t attach to those. The man, who knows the real meaning of life, can do that. Attachment only brings fear, worry and sadness, not happiness, peace and excitement. So, think wisely.

Wish you a luxury life and a happy future!



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