Lasting Peace or Temporary Pleasure?

We do everything for our pleasure. We try to create the life that we dream of. Just having fun does not take you on a long journey in your life. We should really live in a meaningful way that will finally benefit our future. We should always foresee our future. We should fully realize the consequences of every action we take today. We should always have a future that others will tell “WOW!”

So, it is your decision. Some actions we take today can bring temporary happiness and pleasure. But, they never guarantee you lasting peace. My friend, remember well, actions that bring you temporary fun or happiness can certainly bring you pain in the near future.

So, your decisions matter. One bad decision you make today can definitely generate worse consequences for you in the near future. Thus, foresee the consequences of every action you take today. Imagine the impact of those consequences on your final destination in life. Never do something that you have to worry in your later life. Always, decide wisely.

Always, choose lasting happiness over temporary pleasure. Live a happy life. My friend, remember; life is a long journey. Every decision you take today will decide how far you go on that journey and how well you will live.

Dream, act and achieve. That is all.

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