You Indeed Have to Start Somewhere.

It is all about the journey, not about the beginning of it. It doesn’t matter how you start something. The only thing that matters is where you are going and how far you can go on that journey. Starting small never means you go on a small mission. With the right level of courage, will power, dedication and sacrifices, you can indeed go very far and become a remarkable role model in your discipline. Today, the world is so competitive. So, why wait to start? Waiting is not going to make anything better. Always, it is better starting today than waiting for tomorrow.

In my life, I firstly started writing my debut book with my $400 laptop, no money, zero experience, when I was just 24 years old. I never worried about not having money or bad conditions in my house. I just wanted to start somewhere, somehow. I was tired of waiting. And, with time, I made it to the top with dedication and sacrifices. So, I never worry about the way I traveled in my life. That’s true it took some time for me. Yet, what really matters is achieving the dreams in your life isn’t it?

So, start small. Start today. Aim the top.

So, I just became simple with this one.


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