Open Yourself to Wealth…

Do you remember the last time you got angry? You should have felt awful and disgusting. Surely, when you were angry, you forgot who you are and what you do. If you had seen your face in a mirror, you would never get angry again in your lifetime. Anger makes our mind disturbed and unclear. With anger, jealous and even hatred, we become weak and ill. And, thoughts of wealth, love, kindness and happiness make us stronger and healthy.

In order to see the world clear, you have to first get rid of negative feelings in your own mind. As the bottom of a river becomes visible when water is still, your mind also becomes clear and healthy when you open yourself to wealth, happiness, love and kindness. The world is not bad as some people say. Of course it is challenging. It often challenges men. Men with will power, dedication and smart moves can always win the nature. Yet, what happens to the majority? They get hidden in the shadow of time.

So, make yourself clear before you see the world. If you are clear enough, you will notice opportunities that you have never seen or heard before. Remember, the nature supports you in many ways. It really needs you to become wealthy and support others to become so. Yet, it support only those are good enough to realize the chances given by it.

So, keep your mind open and clear. Be at peace and love. You will indeed see the infinity.

The world is same. How we see it is the difference. Each single one of us interprets it in distinctive ways. We all see the world with our own ideology. We evaluate the world based on our values and mindset. So, nothing is fact. Everything is opinion. Something worse can be good, if you just can change the way you see it. Remember, a small change of your opinion can change the entire world. Some see failures as defeats. Some see the same failure as opportunities to grow better. The difference is created by how different men see it, not by the situation itself.

So, how you interpret it really matters. From today, change the way you see it. The entire world will change. Some are conditioned to think negative and others are different.


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