My Mother Never Told Me to Become an Entrepreneur.

No one told me to become an entrepreneur. It was my choice. My inner desires chose that path. The very reason I chose to be an entrepreneur is the freedom it brings to me. Yet, my mother never told me to become an entrepreneur. She always said me to become a medical doctor. But, for me, it never felt cool. What I ever needed was freedom. So, I knew that profession would never bring me freedom that I was seeking. For me, it was all about living my life fully, nothing more.

I have seen this for my entire lifetime. Most parents never tell kids to dream of life. They never tell their kids to pursue their imaginations. They never tell them that they are unique and they can make a real difference in the world. I believe that is the kind of education all kids need to have today. Yet, we make boundaries. We make restrictions. We annoy their imaginations.


As I see, the way of becoming financially free in life is following our dreams and imaginations. It is more important than training. It is more important than any occupation. We should really teach our children of wealth. They should really know the way of acquiring it. But, becoming wealthy is not just about having money. In my definition, wealth is about financial freedom, freedom of time, better health, better family life, peace of mind and spiritual improvement.

There is a real need for the right kind of financial education today. We should never tell our children to become employees. If you do this, they will never be free in life. They will work for their entire life. We need to tell them to pursue their imaginations.  We need to tell them to do what they love doing, because people become successful by doing what they love.

We just need to think again where we are going. Just need to teach our kids how to become financially free and sound. They just need to see money as a medium of exchange. The change should come in the near future.

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