Why the Majority Never Becomes Wealthy? The Secret…

“In this society, many don’t even know what they are doing here. They don’t know what they are in this world for. They just live here, because they were born here. They just do ordinary things. All of them are same. A few of men do different things and be exceptional.” One day, one of my friends said. That day, I didn’t really get the meaning of it. Yet, today, I do.

I think that is why many never become financially free and wealthy. People, who follow the crowd end up in the same situations like the crowd, since the majority of people will never be wealthy. In this world, only about 5 percent is wealthy. So, what about the rest 95 percent? They will never be able to change their lives. The reason is they don’t really want to change. The reason behind their defeat is within themselves. How you ever become wealthy, if you never decide to become so?

So, where are you standing now?

Tell me, if I am wrong. Many do same things every day. They wake up in the morning. Get ready. Rush to work. Work till 5 P.M. in the evening. Come home late. Have dinner. Watch TV or sleep early. They just hang out with others. Kill time on Facebook or Twitter. On weekends, they sleep in. They just do other stuff that all living creatures do; talking, loving, eating and bathing.

Am I right?

Thus, do you ever think they are going to be someone or achieve something great in life? Never.  Greatness requires sacrifices, efforts and wisdom which many don’t have. Also, wealth does require them too.

Yet, a few of men know exactly what they desire in life. They make efforts and sacrifices. They do different things. They wake up early in the morning. Take early time for most significant tasks. Plan the day. They never work for money. They pursue dreams. They follow imaginations. They do what they love doing. They watch less or no TV. Read every day. They educate themselves. Exercise more. They have healthy habits. They eat more vegetables and fruits. They relax themselves to gain more energy. They go out and enjoy the nature. They develop their inner capabilities. They love their family time. They educate their kids.

Am I right, my friend?

So, decide where you are going to stand now. Are you going to pursue dreams or are you going to be just like the majority?

It is your turn. Take time and decide wisely.

For Financially Free & Worry Free Life! 30 Secret Tips for a Wealthy Life.  


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