Wealth… is It All About Money?

Several months ago, I met one of my high school friends. It was after a long time. At that time, I was still studying in the university. He was serving in the armored forces. About 10 years ago, we had learned together in the same class, we had been good friends; we had hanged out together and had the same thinking pattern.

But, the time had made a huge impact in our lives.  Nothing was common about us. Everything was different. We were going on different paths in life. We were adopted in distinctive thinking patterns. Frankly, we had created individual destinies. I always said that “We make who we are and our fate.” That day, I felt that stronger.

My friend was earning a good salary that was enough to life his life, but not his dreams. Yet, he was happy with that salary. Honestly, those days, I was not earning as him. My salary was lower than his. Yet, the fact was he was not happy with his life. He had doubts about his health. He said me, “Sanath, there is something bad with my health. I had couple of surgeries. But, it is not still good. I think it is because of a witchcraft.” He really believed in it. He was frightened by that feeling. He really thought someone had cursed him. I don’t know that was true or false. But, I certainly know that feeling hunted him day and night. He was not even sleeping well for several months. It was just like he was dead, while he was still alive.

I always say money without health and peace of mind is worthless. If you are not healthy or mentally well, the true freedom money brings you can never be fully experienced. This means you are not really wealthy, if you are not physically and mentally fit. This is the basics. What is the use of having tons of money, if you cannot just relax and enjoy life with your loved ones? I think, zero use.

Real wealth is not about physical luxuries. The man with right mindset can always earn more money, buy luxuries into his life. He knows the ways of getting more in life. Nothing is lack in this world. We have everything to experience our lives fully. Yet, a very few of us understand that very truth. That’s very sad. Many come to this world. Live a life that they never desire. Suffer. Grieve for not having what they wish. Finally, die without fulfilling the reasons of coming here. What they never realize is they have everything that they ever desire is inside themselves. So, that is why I say, it is all about having great feelings and actions.

There is nothing more. You only need great feelings and right actions. Everything you ever desire will be at your doorstep soon. But, firstly, believe it truly. Nothing starts to happen until you believe it.

Good luck.

Have great feelings this day!

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