Who is Your Queen?

I have lived for 25 years in my life. I have tested my limits against all odds. I have faced my fears and defeated them. I have foreseen my future and already crafted it. Yet, still, I have not taken one of the biggest decisions in my life, “Choosing my queen.”

It is true, for many of us, this is the biggest decision we ever make after deciding on our profession. We need a profession to support our life. And, we need a life partner to live our life happy. So, all of us want to make it great. Just great. So, this is not just about you. But, this is about both of you. The decision you take today will determine your future. So, make it great.

Suppose, if you have lived for around 30 years, both of you have to live for another 30 years together. So, it is very crucial in life. And, this will be the biggest turning point in your life. Have you heard the saying “A great woman can turn hell into heaven?”

We all need to choose a girl, who loves us, comforts us, trusts us, understands our dreams, makes us empowered and makes us healed. She should be honest and respectable. Finally, she is supposed to stay with us forever, no matter what happens. If your lady really trusts you, she will be with you even you are financially broken or lost in life, because she knows that you are strong to raise from ashes and become remarkable again. In my words, trust means, she deeply believes in you and your dreams. She knows you can achieve your dreams. A woman, who really believes her man, will indeed make him stimulated and energetic again. It is true that a woman’s love can create miracles. I have experienced that.

Yet, before all, remember this my friend. before everything, be a great man your lady can be proud of.

So, that is all. You will indeed live happy forever.

Good luck!


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