Are You that Man?

Let’s go back to the past. Around 10 years ago, when I was still in the school, there were around 35 students in my class. Yet, I still remember the face of a cute boy, who had silent looks. But, I really knew there was something special about him. Usually, he was alone, reading. His silent looks made him different from others.

In class room activities, many were brighter than him. I think he never answered anything asked by the teacher, unless he was pointed out. Now, I think there was something bigger in his little heart.

In our class, some students were good at drawing. Some were great at writing. A few were experts in Mathematics.  Yet, he was addicted to books. Always, there was a book on his hands. I know this better than anyone else, because I know him better than myself.

Finally, when the exams were held, a strange thing happened. The silent boy had scored the highest in the entire class. How this happened?  All amazed.

What was the reason? I bet you cannot guess. He was smarter than any other in the class. That was the only reason. As I think, it is not about talents, but about being smart. Talents are about having competencies and knowledge. Talented ones know facts. Talents are about being clever. Yet, being smart is about getting the highest benefits of existing knowledge. It is about innovating practical ways of doing something better. Being smart is about doing more with less. Finally, it is about staying out of the crowd and making a great life story.

Start up
It is all about being smart.

Today, I think the world needs more smart people than talented ones. The world needs quick learners. The world terribly needs people, who think and do things differently. The world needs people with practical knowledge. The world needs more people, who do things that bigger than themselves. The world needs more leaders and fewer followers. Finally, the world needs more people with great visions in mind. The future of mankind is decided by them, not by followers or the ordinary. So, it is all about being smart.

Something more. The world needs more people, who don’t complain and do more. The world needs people, who craft their own destiny.

That is you.

So, are you ready to be that man?




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