It is not Just You.

Last night, I went to my bed late. It was midnight. No matter how late I got to bed, I was supposed to wake up early in the morning. Just about 04.30 A.M. That was one of my habits developed for a long time. Morning time was just great for writing. So, you may need to start the habit of waking up early too.

When my alarm ran out, I woke up. Yet, I was just dizzy. I did not really want to get off the bed. It was too comfortable and warm. I was really addicted to that warmth and comfort. I suppose, many of you have experienced this undoubtedly. How hard is it to get off the bed in early morning in rainy seasons? It is just another challenge in the morning.

I was lying in the bed for about 5 minutes. Thoughtless. Suddenly, something came to my mind. What tasks should I do early in the morning?

That day, I really had to make a choice.

  • Stay in my warm bed and sleep again (I will not probably able to sleep peacefully in my later life, if I do this).


  • Kick ass and pursue my dreams.

Thank god!  I chose the second one. The first one was not just me. Sometimes, we feel like we are done. Sometimes, we are just distracted and bored. It is just lazy. But, remember my dear friend, it is not who we are. No single one of us is lazy from our birth. Courage and talents are in our blood. Yet, we are still to reveal that.

As I have seen for years, more things we understand in our younger life, more rewards come. That is just nature. The nature always rewards ones, who deserve it. Nothing more and no exceptions.

Any day, when you feel like you are unhappy, bored or just distracted, do this.

Tap on your chest. Say your heart. “It is not just me. It is not who I am. I am stronger and energetic. I am powerful and peaceful.”

This certainly protects you, makes you feel good and empowered.

Take actions now. Cultivate some great habits.

You are on your way to wealth.

Dream, Act & Achieve.

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