Stop Thinking Like a Child. They Said Me.

Dear friends,

Remember your sweet childhood? It was very fantastic and advantageous. Mostly, very brave. We didn’t really care about what others thought about us. We did what we wanted to do. We thought everything was possible in this world. We dreamt a lot.

When I was a little boy, the dream for me was to travel around the world in a plane made by myself.

“In a plane made by yourself.” Everyone laughed. “Are you crazy you little stupid?” All asked. “How can you make a plane?” “You are not even an engineer.” They said.

Many years passed. Till this day, I was not able to make my own plane. I was not able to travel around the world either. So, did they win? Never. Soon, I will fly in my own business jet. For sure.

My dear friends, look in the mirror now. You will certainly see a very potential man. You will see a very energetic man. You are grown up. You have got looks. You have got education. You are not that tittle kid you used to be anymore.

Yet,  where are you in your life now? Have you achieved what you terribly needed?

Do you know the reason behind many fellows’ defeats in life? Defeats happen, because we let others to decide what we can do and what we cannot. They happen, since we let others to decide what is better for us. My friend, they happen, because we just forget to think like kids, since we are so hurry to grow up and make a living.

Why a man with potential lets others to decide what is better for him? It is the gravest mistake that happens in your life. Never let that happen.

From today,

  • You certainly decide on your potential.
  • You indeed make decisions on your future.
  • You definitely decide on your entire life.

Think like a kid. Shine your life.

Dream, Act & Achieve. Remember 3 magical words.

With unconditional love,

Sanath Dasanayaka




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