The Golden Star of Wealth.

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d worth if you lost all your money.”

We tell our children to become doctors, engineers, managers and teachers. We tell our children to go school and learn well. We tell our children to find well-paid jobs in big corporations. Yet, no parents say kids to pursue their dreams and imaginations. No single parent says kids to become the one, who he or she dreams of becoming. No parents explained their kids the way of achieving wealth in life. Many of us grow and become young without the right understanding of wealth and the ways of achieving it. So, this is the right time for the education of wealth.

Dreamers become wealthy by pursuing their dreams.

In this era, as I think deeply, all of us very need to learn about wealth and the ways of achieving it. Today, when the poverty and hunger are becoming global issues, the rate of overweight population is becoming the biggest threat to countries, noncommunicable diseases, like diabetes, heart strokes and cancers are becoming the biggest threats in health sector, humanity is suffering from hazardous actions of cruel men, the real education on wealth is very need for everyone and every country. Before the next generation arrives at here, we must learn for ourselves and teach our children about wealth and how to create a wealthy life.

Learning about wealth and the ways of achieving it are the most practical education anyone can ever gain. In order to live in this world, in order to live better and well, we all must have to have a great understanding of what wealth is and how to achieve it successfully. So, let’s discuss The Golden Star of Wealth.

Wealth consists of

  • Financial Freedom
  • Freedom of Time
  • Better Health
  • Better Family Life
  • Peace of Mind
  • Spiritual Improvement

The Golden Star of Wealth

The Golden Star of Wealth

There are six core elements in The Golden Star of Wealth. All elements are interlinked. Achieving Financial Freedom leads to Freedom of Time. Freedom of Time leads to Better Health. It directly linked to Better Family Life. Better Family Life leads to Peace of Mind . Finally, it leads to Spiritual Improvement.

For wealth, every elements count. Financial Freedom without Peace of Mind is worthless. Also, Financial Freedom without Better Family Life is also not worthwhile. For wealth, above all elements are required. Every element can be achieved with the right thought and the right conduct.

Finally, after all, what else does a man want except the elements of wealth discussed above?

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