03 Simple Points to Great Relationships.

01. The golden rule.

Successful relationships don’t just happen. It requires time, efforts and sacrifices to keep relationships alive on the ground. The golden rule is the first must in any relationship. All of us like treating ourselves best and better. We like others’ kind words, affection, honesty, good smile with us, and moreover, treating us like humans. We all are emotional beings. We are directed by emotions. We like to keep on emotionally great relationships. I think no one is willing to have hazardous relationships at the end of day. So, why don’t we treat all others as we like others treat us?

The golden rule. Plain and simple. Treat all others as you like they treat you. We don’t like treating us badly by others. So, never treat anyone badly since they don’t like it either. Never hurt a man purposefully. Never go for vengeance. Never smile at anyone for any reason. Finally, at the end of life, what matters is how we behave and what we do in this world. After several decades, all of us get buried next to each other and we all turn into dust as Robin Sharma said. So, there is no different between a rich man and a poor man. There is no difference between the educated and the uneducated. Finally, all are humans. Thus, from today, be good to others. No matter whatever happens, never let anyone to control your emotions. You are the one, who is responsible for your emotions and actions. So, from this very moment, no one can make you angry, sad or desperate. Some say I treated him badly since he made me angry. It is not an excuse.

Treat all others as humans.

So simple. Treat all others as humans. Nothing more.

02.  Never take it personal.

Let’s begin with a story happened a long ago. When I was studying in university, I was not a member of the students’ union. I decided to stay on my own, instead of becoming a member of the union, since I was going on a different journey that others could not realized fully. It was my ideology.

Yet, others took it as a personal insult to them. They thought all students studying at university must be a member of the students’ union. That was where all problems began. They took everything personal. Many stopped even talking with me. They did not realize the simple fact “Never take anything personal.”

No problems arise, if we only deal with the situations or actions, instead of dealing with the person himself. Several months ago, I read a great book. “One Minute Manager.” It taught me to deal with acts, not with persons. When something bad was done by anyone, we should deal with the bad action itself. We should never take it personal.  We should never criticize him personally. Only the action should be explained and the way of correcting it should be shown.

03. Deliver more than what you receive.

In everything we do, we hope for something in return. In our relationships also, we hope for certain things from others. Yet, do you deliver others more than what you receive from them. The real benefits of a relationship come with adding more value to others’ lives. So, it is your responsibility to give them something valuable for their life and their future.

Deliver more than you receive.

Our lives become more mature and understanding with experiences you have in our lifetime. Great life stories are created by great lessons we receive. Thus, you are the one, who should deliver value to others. The very benefits of what you do will certainly enrich your life, no matter what happens.

So, happy life journey.

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