Hopes Keep You Alive: A Story from My New Book!


SUCCESS IS NOT THE END by Sanath Dasanayaka

A story that inspired me!

Centuries ago, in the time of great wars, many men went to battles but a few of them returned home. How did they come home alive, when all others were dead? People amazed.  All of them could have been dead in the battle. Survivors were not more talented and intellectual than the dead. At one time, a Great War battalion departed for a battle in a far continent. A very fierce and deadly journey.

Months later, only two soldiers returned home passing thousands of miles, facing fierce wild creatures and dangers. The way back home was more difficult than marching to the war. All others were dead. When they were asked how survived, one said, “I was given hope. It was what kept me alive. Hope to return home, see my kids and wife.”

In battles, lack of hopes kills more soldiers than the battle kills itself. People die when they are hopeless. Hopes are what keep on blood running in our veins. I know this better since I, myself have had a very though course in my life for more than four years. The best time in my life. I was not happy. Yet, with pride and dignity. I had no one to speak about my feelings and insights except myself and one true friend. All others were doing all the odds to bring us down. It was hopes what kept us alive and well. Hopes inspired us to stand constantly for ourselves although there was no end of difficult time. Hopes made us strong and brave. It made us warriors. We hoped for a brighter tomorrow. Finally, after years, I stand here in my life. On a journey to success. Yet, where are others, who fought to bring us down? Defeated. Failed a long ago. With no dignity and self-esteem. We had hopes. Yet, they did not. That was the different.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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2 thoughts on “Hopes Keep You Alive: A Story from My New Book!

  1. This is so true Sanath. Many times we are stronger than we think. I am currently reading The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale where he talks about exactly this same topic! Maybe you may be interested in reading this book too. I look forward to reading more blog posts by you!

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