The Biggest Secret of Financially Successful People.

Once Warren Buffet said, “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.” It is something from the third richest man on the planet.

For years, I observed the life stories of hundreds of financially successful men and women. All of them had something in common. They were determined, focused and self-motivated. They had the quality of abstract thinking. They had developed themselves to foresee the future. After all, almost all financially successful men believed that they deserved financial freedom. They truly believed they deserved to be wealthy. They knew the reason for their financial success was within themselves.

So, friends, finally, wealth is not about money. It is not about how much you can spend or save. It is not about the value of your beautiful house or your stunning car. Wealth is even not about the balance in your bank account. Yet, wealth is all about a state of mind, as poverty is. Emotions of wealth make you rich and successful, as emotions of poverty make you weak and poor.

Have feelings of wealth, you will feel peace and happiness.

Thus, wealth is all about the feelings of richness. It is the blessing that you have everything in life. Finally, wealth is emotions that attract every physical luxuries into your life.

It is said that before anything is created physically, there should be a thought for that. Thoughts of a wealthy and successful life create a luxury life for you. There is no magic in that, as feelings of fear and doubt weaken a man and originate an unhappy life story. So, watch out your emotions. They can create your fortune or they can make you poor.

Men, who truly believe they deserve a wealthy life, finally gain everything in life. For sure. Yet, before you have anything in life, you are supposed to dream for them and keep positive emotions of them. So, start to believe you deserve everything in your life. Truly believe you deserve financial freedom. Think about the things you do when you have all the money you want. It can be about having your fabulous BMW 7 Series. It can be about your lovely two-story home. It can be about owning your luxury private jet. It can be even about wearing your splendid Armani and your marvelous Rolex. Do this just now. Close your eyes and think of things that keep you motivated. Imagine it. Feel it.

The very reason that keeps me motivated to work for my financial freedom is the emotions of my happy future. I want to lead a happy and relaxed life, when I get married and have kids. I just need to enjoy life with my loved ones. I just need to wake up in the morning very relaxed and do what I love doing. I just need to help others. Finally, I just need peace.

Living your dreams inspires you!

So, for me, having money is all about going anywhere I want to go. It is about buying anything I love. It is about creating a luxury life for myself and my loved ones. It is about helping others. Yet, some people say money is the root to all evil. I say it is not. But, poverty is. Poverty is what turns a good man into a thief. It is what makes people stand against each other. It is the reason for fear, doubt and grief. Thus, poverty is pure evil, not money. Wealth is all about enriching feelings in mind. Those feelings attract physical luxuries. So, money is one of them. Money initially springs up in one’s mind, not outside.

Imagine, you have all the money you need. You can have everything for you and those, who are around you. You can feed people. You are very empowered to make the world better. You can help the poor and make their lives better. You can make employment opportunities and help thousands of families. Think of what you can do further.

So, if you truly desire to become financially successful in life, if you ever want to become wealthy, believe you deserve wealth. Believe, you deserve to have good money. Believe you can do good things with your money. Have faith in your emotions. Finally, keep moving towards your dreams. Take responsibility for your actions and future.


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