3 Ways to Clear Your Mind of Negative Thoughts.

You know pal? Great men love learning so much! They learn and grow every day, while helping others to do so. As Robin Sharma brilliantly said, leaders love education. Victims love entertainment. Great point. Today, I bring you three points on how to clear your mind of negative thoughts. Hope you will change your life better with this.

Then, let’s get moving and grab the gold.

01. Music that heals you.

Music definitely heals us. When we are disturbed or tired, listening to some great healing music can be a great remedy to bring our mood back. It is said, “music is indeed a universal language.” We don’t even need to realize the meaning of it. We just need to let music flow into us. We only need to open ourselves to a deep level of mental relaxation. You can enter into a great level of realization by surrendering yourself to healing music freely.

Sanath, how can I find healing music? Is it songs we are already enjoying? You may sometimes ask me. Songs are great my friend. Some superb songs can heal us. But, for better results you may try this. Or you can try this too. Those two clips are the greatest healing music I am listening to every day. They help me to go from mental tiredness to clarity. Usually, when I am writing my books, of course, I am writing for more than 12 hours every day, they help me to clear my mind of negative thoughts. It makes my mind clear and relaxed. Sure! I know this works better. If it works for me, it will definitely work for you too.

02. Enjoy nature. The forgotten point.

Tell me something. How many hours are you using your mobile phone or laptop every day? Most of time, you may say. I knew that pal. Most of us go to work early and come home late. Fortunately, I’m not. After coming home too, many spend their time with their laptop or mobile phone. Is it the real world? I think it is not.

There is a great world out there my friend. It waits for you. When is the last time you went out and enjoyed nature? You don’t remember? It is fine friend. Never worry about the past. Live now. Live this very moment. Whenever you feel negative thoughts, go out, enjoy nature. Leave your mobile phone behind. Don’t take it with you.

How to enjoy nature? you may ask me. Explore the beauty of a flower. Feel it. Explore the leaves of a tree. You will see every plant is unique from the birth, just like all of us, although we haven’t realized it yet. In a rainy day, enjoy the rain. Get out of the room and get wet in the rain. Do you remember when you were a kid, You enjoyed the rain? Why not now? Getting wet in rain won’t make you sick, definitely. It will make you refreshed. Something more. Feel the fresh wind blowing. One. Two. Three. Feel it. Feel the fresh scent of it. Pour your lungs with fresh wind. You will feel you were born again.

Finally, to enjoy nature, you don’t need to be in a woodland. What you need is just one small tree. It is all about how you see it. It is not about how it is. Never wait for the right moment friend, thus, time waits for no man, as it is said in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  

03. Never force your thoughts.

Hmm… you made it so far pal!

We all experience negative feelings. It is just the nature of us. No man experiences entirely positive feelings. From time to time, we feel like we cannot devote in our work anymore, we are not strong to achieve our goals, we are weak at something in life or we are unable to reach higher targets. Or other negative feelings, you name it. Yet, nothing above is true. We, humans have the highest potential and capacity to achieve anything or be anyone who we terribly need to be in life. We just don’t know how to do it. I say again we have just not realized our full capacity yet. It is not we haven’t the capacity.

Whatever negative thoughts you feel every day are not the reality. The reality is what you make for yourself. Negative feelings are just an illusion. It is not what it is. It is how we see it. So, change the way you see it. What matters is your attitudes of negative feelings, not the negative feelings itself.

Thus, whenever you feel negative thoughts, never force it. Just make it flow like clouds passing in the sky. You force it, it remains. Just think of something else. Think of your shining future. Think of your stunning car. See yourself in an Armani. You look fantastic pal! You feel it? Me too.

Remember, as it is said in The Secret, “what resists, persists.”

Hope you found the gold mine.

So, sharing is caring.


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