How to Live Happily with 7 Simple Steps.

How to live happily is a question that many asked me for years. Be simple and think different, I said many times. Happiness is the key in life. I say happiness comes with the peace of mind. And, the peace of mind comes along with success in life. So, here, I bring 7 simple steps for a happy life.

01. Plan your tomorrow.

The first point of happiness. It is said what you have planned is a half done. Only a half is to be completed. When the forthcoming days are planned early, it is easy to get more out of your day. When the day is planned, you don’t even need to think twice about the routine of your day. It’s very clear of daily tasks that should be completed. So, everyday, before you go to sleep at night, plan your tomorrow. Plan every hour in the day. That is possible, if you really need it. In order to plan your day, you should have a purpose in life first. When purpose in your life is clear, it is very easy to plan every single day. It is said that those, who know the destination, get there successfully. Brilliant point.  So, to live happily, plan your tomorrow. This will indeed bring happiness to you.

02.Start early.

Congratulations! Now you have planned your day. Now comes the action part. It is very great to start your day early in the morning. So, I suggest you to make the habit of getting up early in the morning. Waking up at 5 a.m. is very good for your daily routine. Early morning is great for focusing on the most important tasks, since nature is very calm in the early hours of the day. And, so you are. Also, the temperature is good. Your body and mind is relaxed, because the great sleep at night. Simply, in the early morning, the entire world is at peace. So, start your day early. Now, you have several hours more for pursing your dreams. Well done. Now you have taken the second step for living happily.

03. Self-discipline is the key.

This is the most practical as well as the hardest part in the process. Planning is easy. Starting your day early is bit difficult. But, it is not impossible. It can be turn into a habit with the practice of several days. Yet, sticking to the plan, or in the other words, staying on the right track is somewhat difficult. It is a bit of a challenge for you. As it is said planning without execution is nothing, the execution without self-discipline is not worthwhile. So, after planned and started your day early, focus only on your tasks scheduled for the day. Don’t let anyone to divert your attention. The responsibility to attain your life goals is up to you. It is not others’ responsibility. Then, take responsibility. Thus, give your best to achieve goals set for every single day. If you completed this step successfully, the rest is easier for you. Indeed. Congratulations! You have completed the third step of living happily.

04. Get some relax.

Relaxing is the best way to get more from the day.

Remember my friend, successful people pursue their dreams constantly. They work for hours every day. They devote to fulfill their dreams. When I started my profession as a professional author, I wrote for almost 15 hours every day. The time we invest in fulfilling our dreams finally yields fantastic results for us. So, successful men work hard, work constantly and work for a long time. Yet, when necessary, they get some time to relax their body and mind. Doing what you love does not make you feel bored or tired. But, when worked for several hours constantly, our energy level lowers and our efficiency goes down. In order to get a fresh mind and body as it was at the beginning of the day, we need to relax ourselves. So, when worked for several hours continuously, Get a nap for about 15 minutes, have a fresh cup of coffee or have a nice glass of fresh orange juice. It will energize you and make you feel better. Go for a walk in the nature and enjoy it. Listen to healing music for several minutes. Watch a superb movie. Read a marvelous book for several hours. They will help you to work for even more hours every day. Relaxing is important, since it energizes us and makes us feel great again. Thus, getting some rest when working constantly can be a super assistance for all.  The forth step to live happily.

05. Achieve whatever you scheduled for the day.

Achieving whatever you scheduled for the day is important. And, scheduling what you are capable of achieving with the time is even more important. Sometimes, when something cannot be achieved in the scheduled time, we become discourage. Yet, we should not be so. As it is said, there are not unattainable tasks, only inadequate deadlines. So, on this planet, no task is unattainable. Yet, what matters is the deadline. A big task is likely to unattainable in a small span of time. I never say this is the very truth. Normally, it needs more time to build something great in your life. But, there can be exceptions. Of course.

So, be sure to schedule tasks that fit to the day. Schedule small tasks for each day. Then, in any way, achieve it. Never pass it over to the next day, since there are tasks scheduled for tomorrow too. So, this is the firth step of living happily.

06. Remember, perfection doesn’t matter. Do what you do best.

Congratulations! You made this far means you really need a happy life. Now, the sixth step of living happily. Remember my friend, there is no perfection in anything in the world. No one is perfect and never will be. Furthermore, no task is done perfectly. But, it is done to the best level that is supposed to be done. Thus, doing something perfectly doesn’t sound great to me. What I care for is to do what I do to the best of me: To the highest level possible. So, there can be defects or lacks in what you have done. It’s alright. Focus on attaining your tasks to the best of yourself. Then, focus on eliminating defects. It is the best way of attaining something successfully. In the past, always, I tried to do everything perfectly. When it was not perfect, I felt broken and it made me weak. Then with experiences and years of learning, I understood a great secret. The most successful men are not the ones, who did it perfect. But, they did what they did to the best of themselves. And, they knew what they were doing. They learned constantly. They made tons of mistakes. And, learned from mistakes. They focused on what was wrong and made it correct. Repeated the process.

Understand what do. Do it best. Make mistakes. Learn from mistakes. Correct what is wrong. Educate how to succeed. Continue learning. Become more successful. This is the very important process to success. So, you just completed the sixth step of living happily.

07. Go to the bed, dreaming of tomorrow.

Dreaming always inspires you to work more.

Every day, at night, I go to the bed, thinking that my dreams are already achieved. It energizes me to wake up the next morning. Dreaming always inspires me and it always have. The power of imagination and visualization is a long time discussed topic in the world. All the wise men lived here, believed in visualization. The Load Buddha said what we think, we become. It is true that thoughts become things. It is not magic. Thoughts become actions. Thoughts of willingness, success and better future eventually direct you to right actions for personal fulfillment. This is the final step of living happily. Hope this article brings something for your happiness and personal growth. So, this the beginning of your happy life.


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