6 Great Leadership Qualities.

Great leaders are the men, who understood the real reasons behind our life. When most of people are lost in the illusion of the world, great leaders born here, awaken their true purpose in life and set great examples of success, love and wealth. Great leaders have realized that every single man have unlimited power to change the entire world. For sure, so, they grow from the within. They make  lasting impacts on the history of mankind. Then, here are 6 great leadership qualities.

01. Great leaders are inspired by passion.

Great leaders always have a great vision.

Becoming a great leader is all about passion and desire. They are inspired from inside, not from outside sources. This is why great leaders simply don’t become discourage or weak no matter whatever happens in the external environment. No external condition can discourage them. Great leaders go forwards, like a breath exhaled from the Earth, no matter how wrong the things are going on in the environment.

It is true the greatness comes from within. Great ones work for self-esteem and self-satisfaction. They don’t hope for anything in return. They don’t expect credits and appreciations, although they are appreciated and admired frequently, unsought. This reminds me of a great saying, “Leadership is nothing about the position. It is all about the behavior.”  So, your position doesn’t matter. What matters is your behavior. All, who do best at what they do, are great leaders. Leadership is nothing about number of followers, money, height, skin tone or job position. It is all about doing what you do to the best of yourself and learning constantly. Not for financial gains and credits. But, for passion and desire. Of course, financial gains and credits come along the way of great leaders; yet, they don’t live for those gains.

Doing something exceptional is the dream of every great leader in this world. And, they take that to be their responsibility, no one else’s. This is the first leadership quality of great leaders.

02. Their true character is really a mystery.

Every great leader believes that we are here to widen their understanding about the life and happenings in life. Great ones learn more and widen their realization every day. They walk on their own paths alone. Moreover, their true character is really a mystery. Many people know them, their contribution and what they do. Many respect great leaders. Yet, no one knows their true character. It is a secret. Their true self is really a mystery. Great leaders are not going to tell others about their inner self. It reserves only for themselves.

Furthermore, they are not going to explain everything to others. They think it is not necessary. Great leaders let others to realize with their wisdom. They believe the one, who educates himself constantly receives the capability to understand more and more. Thus, the need of explaining something is not seen as an essential by them. This is also a great leadership quality.

03. Great leaders listen to others truly. 

Great leaders are good listeners. They have understood the reason of having one mouth and two ears. They know humans are supposed to listen more and talk less. They know understanding everything better, is the way to greatness and wisdom. They know ones, who understand more, achieves more in life. So, they listen more and talk less.

They know the number of words used doesn’t matter. What matters is how words are used. Great leaders know speaking out loud is not the point. The point is the tone of voice. It is all about tone not the volume.

Great leaders ask for their followers’ ideas. Listen to them well. Get the essence of ideas. Yet, finally, execute his own ideas, no one else’s. That is the truth. Great leaders know what should be done in certain situations. They sense the right course of actions. They decide on instincts. They go with guts. Great leaders never say “I don’t know what to do.” This is one of the greatest leadership qualities.

04. They educate others.

Education: the meaning is to learn from within. Great leaders love learning new things every day. They read more. They watch less TV. Travel world. Have experiences. Try new ideas. Great leaders know the greatness comes from knowing more, becoming mature and growing wisdom. They never stop learning and they have realized the entire life journey is all about learning and becoming wiser. They know we are here to widen our knowledge and educate others. So, educating others is taken by them to be their responsibility.

Yet, they educate only ones, who like to listen and learn more. They give wisdom to others. They present their ideas, insights and lessons learned to others. But, nothing is convinced. Wise ones should realize by themselves. Great leaders only show the path to success. The decision is up to the receiver. The ones, who are not enthusiastic enough to learn, fall behind. Great leaders never hope for followers. They simply do what they do for their self-esteem and satisfaction. Here, educating is a great leadership quality ever known.

05. Great leaders do what is right, not what is popular.

In many situations, I have experienced there is a difference between the right thing and the popular thing. What is right is done for the good of all mankind. But, the popular thing is done for appreciation. Many people like popular things not harsh right things. Most of time, what is popular is gentle. But, what is right is harsh, same a harsh truth.

Doing what is popular is not wrong or guilty. Yet, the great leaders do what is right, not what is popular. Just imagine, someone did a grave crime. He definitely deserves harsh consequences in order to teach him how to live better and in the right way. But, remember, great leaders never take anything personal. They end it there, where it started. They never keep anything in heart. All resolved.

So, if you need to become a great leader, stop doing what is popular. Start doing what is right. Remember, most of time, those, who do the right, are criticized while those, who do the popular, is loved and cherished.

06. They set great examples. They don’t just say. 

Saying to be great is always easy. Yet, setting great examples in living is difficult. Simply, becoming great is hard. It requires wisdom, experiences, knowledge, courage and sacrifice. Great leaders set living examples of greatness to others. They know examples are more powerful than the words spoken. People love examples. Great leaders set examples in their own behavior. They don’t say they are great. But, all understand they are great, since everyone sense it.

I don’t say they don’t make mistakes. Great ones make thousands of mistakes. They become aware of mistakes done. Learn from them. Remember lessons learned for not to repeat them again. Making mistakes and learning is great. But, making same mistakes over and over again and learning nothing is the gravest fault.

Great ones know our life is a trial and error period. Real education comes from trying and making mistakes. Failures show the way to success and greatness. Lessons learned revolutionize the entire life of men. But, only wise men make their way from failure to success. Only the wise. We all learn by living. So, live your life. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Remember lessons learned. Set great examples for others. Show them the path to success and greatness.  You are indeed becoming a great leader. So, grow these leadership qualities.


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