My Life Story. The Beginning.

Today, 03rd August, 2016. I started writing this, living in my little home situated in a small town in Sri Lanka, a small island in Indian Ocean. Hope you have heard of my country. The written history of our country runs for more than 2500 years. But, today, I am not writing this about the legacy of my country. My purpose is to write my own biography with my own pen. It is not because there is none to write it. There will be plenty, several years later. But, for now, there are at least two men, who can write about me and will. But, why should I wait for others, when I can write it on my own?

As I know, in some situations, waiting yields nothing, but loss off your years. We are the ones, who know us better, our dreams, our insights and even our qualities and character. Writing our own biography with our own pen does not mean we are arrogant and we overestimate ourselves. Yet, it simply means we value our own life story. It means we love our life journey. Sometimes, you can feel that we have done harsh things to get here. But, remember my friend, in many situations, there is a difference between the good thing and the right thing. And, we are always supposed to do the right, at any cost. It is what real men do; they may be harsh and rude. But, finally it is for the greatest good of all. Really, for all. I just don’t say to hurt others or be cruel to them in order to fulfill your dreams. What I say is to do what is right and finally, I mean what I say.

As I believe, all of us have great life stories that you need to feel proud and those stories can inspire others to go on long journeys in their life. It is not true only the popular men have great stories to tell. But, the unpopular ones have the greatest and most inspiring stories. Believe my friend; many things are under the veil. We need to unveil it. Why waiting for others to write our own biography? Never feel writing your own is guilty. We have all the rights to write our own since this is our own life, not others’.

This is just the beginning. The more is yet to come. See you soon.

To be continued….

Here is a great lesson learned by living my life.


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