The Best Life Story.

Life is an amazing journey that should be really lived fully. Yet, most of us forget fully living it, by being busy with our lives. Most of us try harder to put bread on our table and to live better, by ignoring the very best truth of life itself; enjoying and living it. Many people rest on their deathbed, worrying of a half-lived life and leave this world with broken heart. This shall not be mine. So, life is all about the journey not about the destination. (Personal Transformation by Sanath Dasanayaka)

In life, my purpose is to make people’s lives better through my writings. Of course I am doing it. What I share with you is my insights and experiences in living my life so far. I love learning about living life fully and happy. So, my friend, I value your ideas on my writings.

Sanath Dasanayaka
Personal Development Author and Success Coach
Sri Lanka


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